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Skyward Help Tips


Skyward Family Access Center Help-Tips

The following tips will help you manage your Skyward Family Access Center information and settings and ensure you are using Skyward Family Access Center in the way that is most useful for you and your family.

If you have technical questions, please contact [email protected].

For assistance creating your Skyward Family Access Center account or logging in, or questions about the areas below, please contact your school office for assistance.

Thank you!


Setting Up Your Skyward Family Access Center Account

This is for any families who have not yet logged in to Skyward Family Access Center at www.skyward.centralyork.org. Each parent/guardian is provided with his/her own unique portal, User ID and password to sign in and view your child’s information.

  • Contact your school office or email [email protected] to request the set-up email required for setting up your Skyward Family Access Center Account. (Note – your school secretary can complete this process for you if you do not wish to send the email to [email protected]).
  • If you request a registration email from [email protected], please provide the following in that email: 
  • Your name
  • Your child or children’s first and last names
  • Your child or children’s schools
  • Your email address
  • Your phone number, should we need to reach you with questions.
  • Once our tech support team has the information needed to verify your account, you will receive an email from [email protected]. The subject will be “Family Access Account Information.” 

  • The email you receive will contain a link that you will be asked to click on to reset your password. This is a security measure that allows you to control your password and settings. Enter your email address and click “Submit.”

  • You will next receive a pop-up message telling you that an email has been sent to you. Go to your email account and open the newest message from [email protected]. The subject will read “Login/Password Assistance.
  • This second email will contain your Family Access Center user name and a link to set up your password. Click the link and you will be taken to a new screen where you will be prompted to enter your email and confirm your new password.

  • Once you have completed this step, you will be directed to a main Log-In Screen for Skyward. If you are not redirected, go to http://skyward.centralyork.org. 

  • Enter your user name and password in the fields provided and click the "Sign In" button beneath those fields to enter the secure Family Access Center Portal. 

Completing the Medication Approval Form in Skyward

  • Log in to Skyward Family Access Center.
  • Click  on the "Online Forms" tab on the left side of the Family Access Center Home Screen and select “2019-2020 Medications Allowed Form” 
  • You will be redirected to a screen that prompts you to select the medications you allow your child to receive at school.
  • At the bottom of this screen, click “Complete Step 1 Only” (Note – if you do not click this, you will not be able to advance to the next step and complete the process).
  • Click on “Complete Medication Approval form” on the right side of your screen (Step 2).
  • Click “Submit Medication Approval Form” at the bottom of the screen.

NOTE: Complete these same steps for ALL children in your family. You need to complete all of these steps even if you do not check off that your child can take medication during the school day.

Important Information Regarding Emergency Contact Information & Skyward

If you have not done so already, please take a moment at your earliest convenience to update your Emergency Contact Information in Skyward’s Family Access Center.

  • To do this, please log on to Family Access and click on the “Student Information” tab on the left side of the screen.
  • Click on the “Request Changes” link that appears next to each of your student’s names on this screen.
  • From that drop-down menu, select the “Emergency Information” and “Add Emergency Contact” links to complete and/or update the information on file for each of your students.

Note – you can designate additional contacts to pick up your students during an emergency in this screen. Make sure you hit “Save” before leaving each screen. If any information is incorrect, please contact your school’s office to make corrections.

Creating An Absence/Late Arrival/Early Dismissal in Skyward

Parents/guardians can create an absence (or late arrival/early dismissal request due to a doctor/dentist appointment) using the "Attendance" feature in Skyward Family Access Center. 

Please note – do not use this feature to replace requests for Educational Trips/Tours – these must be requested using the form available on the District website or in your school office. In addition, requests for early dismissal submitted after 11AM on the day of the early dismissal may not be seen.

 Please make requests after this time via phone (717) 846-6789 to your school secretary.

How to Create An Absence

  • Log in to the Skyward Family Family Access Center.
  • Click on the "Attendance" button on the left side of the Home Screen.
  • Click on "Enter Absent Request" blue link on the top right of the Attendance Screen.

  • Click on the “Add Request" link next to the student or students who will be absent or late.

  • Complete the information under the "Add Request" and click save. It will submit the request and you will receive an email confirming it from your school's office.

Updating Your Phone Number & Email Address for Emergency Phone Notifications/Text Messages in Skyward 

You can manage your own phone number (or numbers) and email addresses on file with the District to receive calls and emails during times when we need to delay or close school due to weather, or call to alert our families of any other District-related information or emergency.

To do so, please follow the following steps:

  • Log in to Skyward Family Access Center

  • Click on “Skylert” on the left side of the Family Access Center home screen.

  • You will see a pop-up window with your Contact Information. Enter a Primary Phone number, and up to three additional phone numbers. You may also enter two email addresses. 
  • To Receive Text/SMS Messages: You now have the option to receive text messages whenever we send a phone call or email about a school emergency or event. To receive text messages, enter your desired numbers in the “Text Message” fields in Skylert just as you have entered your phone/email addresses.
  • Setting Preferences For Types of Calls You Receive: You will not have the option of de-selecting the “School Hours Emergency” calls, or “Non-School Hours Emergency Calls,” but you can choose not to receive Attendance or General phone calls. Attendance calls are automated phone calls from some of our schools to parents/guardians informing them when your child is marked absent. The Middle School and High School use this feature. General calls indicates any non-emergency informational call that may be made by a school or the District about an upcoming event or information that should be shared with all families but is not regarding a weather or school emergency.
  • When you have finished making your choices, click the “Save” button at the top right of the screen to ensure you save your changes.

Finding A Teacher’s Email Address in Skyward 

  • Click on the “Schedule” Tab on the left side of the Skyward Family Access Center.
  • You will see the “Schedule” for your child or children appear on the main part of the screen.
  • Click on the name of the teacher you wish to email.
  • You will see a small pop-up window with the teacher name, teacher email address and school. You can click on the email address to generate an email through your own email provider OR copy and paste it when ready.
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