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T W Ponessa Partnership



Central York School District is pleased to announce the addition of a new partnership with T.W. Ponessa & Associates Counseling Services to provide in-school therapeutic counseling services to our Middle School and High School learners in need of such assistance.

Why The Need

Central York School District’s Student Assistance Program members – including School Guidance Counselors and School Social Workers – as well as faculty, staff and administrators are aware of a growing need for additional mental health support services for learners of ALL ages throughout the District. Frequently, there are barriers to parents/guardians providing students with access to mental health care outside of the school due to work schedules or transportation issues during the school day.

The Central York High School and Central York Middle School Student Assistance Program members believe offering these services in a school-based setting will remove these barriers and provide needed support to learners with conditions such as ADHD/ADD, anxiety and depression.

How it Works

Beginning March 1, a T.W. Ponessa counselor will be available at both Central York Middle School and Central York High School for in-school therapeutic counseling sessions with students in need. 

The CYMS and CYHS Student Assistance Program members will work collaboratively with T.W. Ponessa to identify students who may be in need of additional therapeutic counseling services for conditions ranging from ADHD/ADD to anxiety, depression and others.  By offering these services during the school day, Central York School District will remove barriers to therapeutic counseling such as parent/guardian work schedules or transportation issues. In addition, offering therapeutic counseling services in school will minimize the disruption to the student’s day by reducing the amount of time needed for therapeutic counseling appointments.

T.W. Ponessa has a dedicated therapeutic counseling space located within each school. This space includes a door with a window and a space for storing (and securing) confidential records.

Student Assistance Program members will refer students to T.W. Ponessa as needed for evaluation and possible therapeutic counseling services. These referrals will include the School Guidance Counselor or a Student Assistance team member contacting the students’ parents/guardians to discuss the recommendation of additional therapeutic counseling.

All counseling visits will be billed directly to parents/guardians insurance carriers and T.W. Ponessa’s Financial Services Department will handle all insurance and billing inquiries. If financial issues or billing inquiries are a concern, the Student Assistance Team will work with families to address this issue.

About T.W. Ponessa’s School-Based Programs

T.W. Ponessa began offering school-based mental health services in 2006, and now provides these services in 61 schools in 10 school districts in Lancaster and Lebanon counties. Locally, T.W. Ponessa currently partners with Northeastern Area School District and York City School District to provide similar services.

T.W. Ponessa’s counselors are licensed, qualified and experienced and, in addition to their own licensing, will have completed Central York School District’s Clearance Process before serving in our schools.

If you would like more information on T.W. Ponessa, please visit their website, at www.twponessa.com.

For Additional Information

Please contact your School Guidance Counselor or School Social Worker for additional information on T.W. Ponessa’s School-Based Programs and services available at Central York Middle School and Central York High School. To reach the Middle School Guidance Department, please call (717) 846-6789, ext. 1511. To reach the High School Guidance Department, please call (717) 846-6789, ext. 1318. Additional questions or concerns may be addressed to Mr. Kevin Youcheff, Interim Assistant Superintendent, at (717) 846-6789, ext. 1210 or via email, at [email protected]

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