2021 Meeting Dates

Notice of New Board Meeting Dates, Times & Locations for 2021

The Board sets its upcoming annual schedule of public meetings during its Reorganization Meeting, which was held in December 2020.
Please note, Board meetings begin at 6:30PM and are held virtually at this time due to COVID-19. When we are able to hold in-person meetings again, they will be held at the Educational Service Center, 775 Marion Road, York. 

 Click here to view the 2021 Meeting Dates. 


The School Board will hold its public Planning Meeting Monday, March 8, 2021. 

Board members will meet in person at the Educational Service Center, 775 Marion Road, York. The meeting will be limited to School Board members and the administration due to current COVID-19 guidelines.

How to Watch:
Members of the public interested in attending the meeting may do so by viewing the live stream here:


Where to Find Agendas:
Agendas are available in advance of the meeting via the following link: https://go.boarddocs.com/pa/cyorksd/Board.nsf/Public

How to Comment:
Anyone interested in commenting during the live streamed meetings should submit comments to the Board Secretary. There are two public Citizen Comments times provided during each School Board meeting. 

All comments should be submitted directly to the Board Secretary, via email, at bkessler@cysd.k12.pa.us. Please include a full name with each comment.

For Individuals Needing Assistance:
Any individuals with disabilities requesting reasonable accommodation or modification of the meeting procedure so as to be able to watch the livefeed of the School Board meeting may contact the Board Secretary, Brent Kessler, at bkessler@cysd.k12.pa.us.