Schoology access will open for parents/guardians sept. 22

Schoology LogoWe are excited to announce that Central York School District has opened registration for Schoology for our parents/guardians.

Schoology is a secure learning management system that provides parents/guardians, faculty/staff and learners with access to some of the following: course content, assignments/projects, lesson videos, course calendars, assignment reminders and a social learning platform for learners. 

Parents/guardians will receive an email on Thursday, September 22, 2016, inviting you to register for a Schoology Account. You will receive this email even if you already created an account for your child's classes in the past. 

The following is detailed information on what to expect as your activate your Schoology account. 

  1. You will receive an email from

  2. The email will contain information that looks like this:

    "Hi Jane,

    Family Access has created an account for you on Schoology. Schoology is an online course management system and social network.

    You can login to your account using the information below. We ask that you change your password upon login.

  3. Click on the Login Link provided in the email and enter your Username and Password.

  4. When prompted for a School Code/Name, enter: Central York School District (This will ensure ALL students that should be linked to you are, regardless of which schools they attend within the district).

  5. Click "Log In."

Once you have logged in successfully, you will have the option of changing your password. To do so, follow the steps/tips provided by Schoology here:

When you have finished setting up your account and password, review these tips about the Parent Home Page to help you navigate Schoology.

Parent Home Page

Finally, once you are all set up in Schoology, you will have the option of accessing it from within Skyward, by clicking on the “District Links” option on the top right of your Skyward Family Access Center homepage and selecting “Schoology Parent Login.”

Merging Accounts

Some parents/guardians already have created accounts in Schoology. Schoology offers the option to merge these existing accounts into your new parent/guardian account. To do so, follow the steps provided by Schoology, below.

Have the user log into the account associated with your organization and:

  • Navigate to Account Settings from the dropdown menu in the upper-right corner.

  • Click the Merge Accounts button.

  • Enter the login credentials of the individual account.

  • Note: Merging this account deletes it from Schoology, but the user will retain access to their courses, groups, and content from the account.

  • Click Validate Account. 

If you need additional assistance with merging your accounts, please access Schoology's Help Center:

To Request Help with Schoology Account Activation

If you have difficulty setting up your account or need assistance, please email Please provide your name, your child or children’s name(s) and a current/valid email address that may be used to review your account. If possible, please submit this information via email to so we can ensure we have your email address correctly spelled.

Thank you!